Posts from October 2013
October 28 2013 by: Heather Hacker Reilly
When putting a room together, you always need that "final piece" that draws the entire room together. Regardless of what it is, that piece always takes your room to the next level. One of our favorite items at Adelé are our E. Lawrence decorative books. These are the perfect accessory to style a bookshelf with, display photos on a table to add height, or simply to give the final touch to a tray on your coffee table. Whatever your need may be, these books are a great way to add style and...
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October 04 2013 by: Meghann van den Dool
Everyone loves a great smelling home. There is just something about a house that makes you feel welcome by the way that it smells. It is proven that certain smells can bring up old memories. So why shouldn’t the smell of your house remind your guest about how much fun they had the last time they were there? We think everyday should be a party, and there is no way to “live-stylishly” than through a great smelling space. Our newest collection of candles and diffusers at Adel&ea...
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October 02 2013 by: Casey Graves
Ever in need of a good hostess gift? A great housewarming  gift? Or just a little “Pick-me-up”? We have the perfect solution to any of your debacles.  At Adelé, our Ben’s Garden accent plates and paperweights are the answer to all your problems. New York-based Ben’s Garden pieces are perfectly handcrafted decoupage designs aimed to inspire, amuse & charm. Obviously, they are one of our favorites here at Adelé, but we aren’t the only one...
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