Posts from November 2013
November 14 2013 by: Meghann van den Dool
  We’ve all heard the story of Tortoise and the Hare.  Slow and steady wins the race, right? We have been pretty busy around here at Adelé, and decided to make a make our own version of this story, The tortoise and the Glamorous Hare. Don’t you think the story would have gone a little different if they were both adorned in fabulous jewelry? They probably would have stopped and at least talked about how wonderful each other looked. So, we want you to look just as ...
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November 12 2013 by: Heather Hacker Reilly
Online shopping has quickly become one of our favorite past times, and we are always looking for the newest and most unique items available.  Therefore, we were thrilled when we stumbled upon Shoptiques, an online boutique shopping destination.  On just one site you can browse charming independent stores from New York, LA, Paris and yes, now even Lexington.  Visit and you can shop a curated selection of our eclectic jewelry offerings, then po...
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