Lexington Interior Design

For the best interior design in Lexington and Central Kentucky, look no further than Adelé, located at 805 Chevy Chase Place in Chevy Chase. With each project, our team at Adelé strives to deliver inspirational interiors that reflect the lifestyles and personal tastes of our clients. A home’s interior should both stimulate the senses and put a person at ease. It should be a space that makes the rituals of daily life pleasurable. The design must keep function at the forefront, while incorporating beauty, quality and the art of the unexpected.

For the best Lexington interior design services, look no further than Adel, conveniently located in Chevy Chase.Our philosophy of interior design at Adelé couples simplicity with sophistication, using creative design within each room to curate perfectly balanced spaces. Our desire to create is constantly energized by our passion of place allowing our experienced designers to bring a fresh perspective to each client’s personal vision through beautiful design.

At Adelé, we take an all-inclusive approach to every interior design project. We welcome our clients’ involvement throughout our design process. We start by gaining a complete understanding of what’s important to our client. Our conversations begin by listening and understanding what inspires our clients. Based on our client’s influences and lifestyle, we work closely with them to initiate a plan and establish the scale of their project and budget. Transparency with our clients is paramount and our expertise gives us an unwavering eye for the highest quality textures and materials while remaining cost effective. We begin to bring to life new interiors by constructing schematic designs true to our shared vision.

Our interior design team at Adelé understands that your home is as unique as you and your lifestyle. We are fortunate to live in the bluegrass, where spectacular landscapes inspire us to fashion interior spaces that are equally breathtaking. Most importantly, we realize that our clients are entrusting us with their dreams. It is always our privilege to transform those dreams into reality.

From simple makeovers to complete renovations of large and small spaces, Adelé can cover your interior design needs. We begin with a consultation to listen to the client and completely understand the scope of the project. Then, we put a plan in place which may include recommendations for new or reupholstered furniture, selection of paint colors or wallcoverings, custom window treatments, artwork and accessories. Upon approval, orders are placed and the design plan is implemented. Our goal is for the space to be an expression of the owner.

At Adelé, we take the time to appreciate our clients’ needs, desires and dreams and we help them bring their visions to life. Our resources for designing spaces are endless and the scale we work on is limitless. We want to truly know our clients, their families, their needs and their dreams for the spaces they want to create. When we learn about you and your space, we’ll provide scale drawings of your room and what we are proposing. Our team at Adelé is committed to building solid relationships with our clients. We value personal interaction and know that it is the key to truly satisfying every customer and every interior design project, every time.

Successful interior design incorporates a balance of aesthetic and technical aspects that complements the lifestyle of the inhabitants. Adelé brings that level of success into each and every interior design project. Adelé has built a reputation on achieving highly individual results for a discerning clientele. Guided by our clients’ aspirations, as well as their diverse experiences, Adelé designs singular interiors in Lexington and throughout Central Kentucky that allow our clients to fully express who they are and what holds meaning to them.

Lexington interior design means Adelé, conveniently located in Chevy Chase at 805 Chevy Chase Place, next to Josie’s. Visit us online at adelelexington.com